Hip Hop Collective Meet Up

Stoa Fexi Project Space

We’ve decided to start a new long-term project, Hip Hop Collective //, calling a first meeting on the 10th February, WLTI* (women, lesbians, trans*, intersex) and non-binary people.


As a starting point, we invite any producers, beat makers, people that write rhymes, video artists, and other creatives with or without experience, that want to get busy!

Come through, link up, chat about ideas, propose projects, make future plans, and hopefully start building a supportive collective of people that create music together!

Sign up, telling us a bit about you in this form: https://forms.gle/grUoZGqYDtxKLa5y9

Feel free to share tracks, rhymes, beats on the day! A rap battle might follow at the end of the night, if enough people are up for it! We’ll be running bar throughout the meeting.

We can't wait!!

Stoa Fexi Project Space

About the venue

The project is currently housed in a shared creative space with another two projects, NTIZEZA AMOQA. Together we have converted the space to be wheelchair accessible.

The venue is located on the 5th floor of a business building. We changed the entire left line of elevator doors in the building, as well as installing a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. We have a metallic mobile ramp that we place at the entrance of the building, until we find the proper way to secure it.

How to find Stoa Fexi Project Space

Nearest metro station is Omonia

Exit Omonia station out of the Panepistimiou/Eleutheriou Venizelou st exit. Unfortunately this is not marked, so ask someone if you're not sure where to go.

Walk away from the square and reach Patision/28is Oktovriou. Cross the traffic lights and turn left immediately.

Keep walking on Patision until you will pass a small pedestrian street, Gladstonos on your right. 

After this you will see the entrance of an arcade to your right. Enter the arcade and we are in the first office building to the left. 

Find on maps:

Get in touch

Whether you like to start a new project, discuss a new idea or just have a chat, feel free to contact us.